S’UP, Buddy?

 What is a “ S’UP, Buddy?”  stop?

It’s where you meet Buddy and other COPE dogs and have your photo taken with them.  Founder Jane will teach you how to build confidence in your dog so they can ride SUP too! See a COPE dog demo and meet some of Buddy’s student trainers – learn about how their amazing experiences with COPE Service Dogs and Canines in the Classroom have helped them succeed.


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Join Buddy’s Team To Help Him Celebrate His Retirement

 How Can YOU get involved!?!
– Become a Sponsor
– Host a “S’up Buddy” Stop
– Volunteer at a “S’up Buddy” Stop
– Become a Buddy Paddles Partner
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COPE SERVICE DOGS is a registered charity and all dollar donations of $20 or more will receive a receipt for tax purposes.


Come Visit the Buddy Paddle Simcoe Booth at Kempenfest (located near the South Shore Centre on the lake front) Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday!!!

Purchase a limited edition t-shirt of Buddy’s Tour and/or make a donation to COPE Service Dogs!!