Hi, Buddy Here!

 I’m retiring from my 13- year career as a  COPE’s Service  Canines in the Classroom Dog. To celebrate I will be up front and center riding a Stand UP Paddleboard (SUP) with the COPE Founder, Jane.  My adventure will begin in Innisfil and I will follow along the shores of Lake Simcoe, I will make stops along the water’s edge for “S’UP, Buddy?” events where you can come meet me and some of my COPE pals so check out the stop listings to see when I will be in your area! I’m looking forward to meeting everyone and raising funds and awareness for COPE Service Dogs.

My Story

 For 13 years, I  have changed the lives of many high school students who have learned how to train me. Like all the COPE dogs, I started my career as a service dog in-training in “Canines in the Classroom” but health concerns meant that I would not be placed with a person with a disability. Instead, I continued as both a learner and teacher, enabling students to develop leadership skills and healthy minds. The student trainers led me as a “Reading Buddy” for hundreds of children and as a Therapy Dog, to brighten the lives of countless seniors. For many students, I was the reason they graduated from high school.

Buddy’s Ripple Effect

 You know what?  I’ve made a ripple effect. Not only do Canines in the Classroom students earn  credits,  they are given a real job – to train and care for me and my other service dog- in-training chums.  We build student self-confidence as they  learn communication and leadership skills, which helps them make new friends.  See, my COPE Dog pals and I have a calming effect on students, we help them to manage their emotions and improve their mental health, while being in a rich learning environment. They then go on to be contributing citizens…helping others in need.  After 13 years, and over 60 student trainers, the ripples are reaching far afield! Check out some of the success stories Here


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